1. @cabot2jville2010 Yeah man, you said it. You could talk smack on the
    Internet and back it up. Yup. Cool.

  2. Everyone was onside at the time of the free kick. Given where the ball was
    placed, the touch sequence was: (1) free kick, (2) goal keeper, (3)
    attacker deflections, (3) another attacker nets it. During touch #3 there
    are lots of attackers in an offside position. I don’t find anything in the
    video that comes close to showing the AR wrong… except those who don’t
    know Law 11 well enough and think the moment of the free kick was
    important. The spot would have been way forward, if so.

  3. HAHAHAHA NUMBER 2’s A DIVING PUSSY! what a fag, if i was the defender that
    got blamed for the foul, next time he’d come near me i’d give him a reason
    to fall on the ground and whine for a foul, fucking sick of divers

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