1. I have 5 defenders and that’s it. We just shoot from halfway cause we got strong kicks and this shit works. All so apply pressure on the keeper. The keeper always spills the ball

  2. If you did this in a game I would shift my typical 2-1-2 into a 1-1-3 and beat your pushed up fullbacks and goalie with my talented center striker and 2 forwards unless all three of your defenders are excellent ball handlers. I will send a striker deep in your corner as I steal the ball and have an open goal. I cannot see this approach working on a 6v6 size field.

  3. This is a great basic system. We have implemented it (among a few other organizational things) and have been 11-1-2. We try to have 2 or three people slated for each wing and they just rotate every 2-3 minutes–run 100% and rotate out–keeps fwds fresh. Center defender should be most talented player(s) on team.

    Transitional outlet is created if your fifth man defends by creating static on the opposing outside passing game. Everyone must defend; games are won on solid defense.

  4. Into attack quickly. You have to wait for your forwards to make that run upfield. If you leave one player infront of the ball, they will leave a player to mark him. You then have an immediate outlet upfield.

  5. I don’t like this defense. There are two main cons with this system:
    1. If the ball is moved forward and everybody is behind the ball, it can be passed backwards creating too much space for a long shot.
    2. As there are only 5 players on the fields, it’s way easier to create a disorder in the opponents defense, so the team pushing the ball will be in disadvantage if the opponent has good passing ability.

  6. stivo, i like it , im sure that you can learn how to play indoor soccer with this video, and thank you for posting this ppbttn

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