Lack of mobile traffic hurts online

At any given time thousands of Smartphones are being used by people for conducting business in a particular area or region. But some websites still fail to get their share of calls from them in terms of web traffic. This mostly happens with the sites that were designed sometime back and were integrated with the fixed width design or a design that is not flexible.

Earlier, most websites were designed this way only and years on they are still remain the same and badly miss the mobile traffic which is rampant on the internet nowadays.

But some old websites still work well and draw mobile users to their site even though they were designed in the same period. It means that something was wrong in the design of the earlier mentioned sites and the same has been corrected in the later. When mobile users access the older sites they find the experience pretty tough because the site would not fit into their screen or would look disjointed. Such sites also take a lot of time to load and sluggish in movement.

The answer to the dilemma is the responsive design that would mould into old PCs and Laptops with lower resolutions and at the same time expand with the higher resolution monitor screens and Smartphones you see today – the What to do in Manchester website does this well. If a site is unable to attract the mobile users then the business is surely missing 30 to 40% of internet traffic that the site would have attracted if built with a responsive design.

Online customers are major draw for businesses nowadays and without them an online business would lose out eventually to its competitors who are already with the latest web developments and designs. If you are running an online business and have a website that would not work with mobile phones it is time that you make it responsive.