1. There are actually good videos about it. When the ball is on the wing the defense makes a shape like a sickle. When the ball is in the center the defens forms a triangle. The purpose is to make the put pressure on the the player who has the ball and to leave him no space to play the ball.

  2. The first mistake by t&t was not by the wing defender but by the central defender. He is standing way to much on the other side. We play ball oriented and not man to man. When the ball is on the wing the whole team moves towards the wing to make the room small for the offensive players.

  3. Why do people always have to be smart asses, he’s doing this without being obligated.
    He’s teaching people that atleast don’t know and you people complain. jeez

  4. thank you, ur the best bro, very helpful.. its clear you know what ur talking about it really helped me….. really good breaking down of defence and looking at ways to improve it.. thanks again…. brilliant stuff!!! but try and use better words, its not american football budy its soccer as u call it

  5. biased much lol. @ gds7777777 in england alot of teams man mark by having your best defender to mark their best attacker to keep them out of the game

  6. Great analysis. Good teams usually are excellent in zonal defending and everybody understands each other. Tracking back is extremely important

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