1. This whole time I still hoped you were actually going to explain the
    offside rule because I STILL DON’T GET IT but it’s okay it was all worth it
    I’ll just google it xo

  2. Well, if you’re an American who couldn’t care less about soccer, the World
    Cup isn’t even happening.

  3. fucking hell, clide. what are you like?

    i appreciate the clarification of both the offside AND where’s clide? rule.

  4. I don’t mean to gloat, but Italy beat you suckers… Let’s just hope we can
    keep it up.

  5. I’m jus thinking of you sitting there thinking ‘okay what can the imaginary
    goalie’s nickname be? Arms? No that sound weird. Jumpy? Naaa. HANDS! THAT’S

  6. I thought you were talking about real football and then I realized you
    weren’t. Then I thought you were gonna explain the offside rule and then
    you didn’t. Then I got on twitter and let this play in the background so
    idk what really happened. I’m sure it was full of puns and whatnot though.
    Thumbs up.

  7. I’ve oft wondered about the offside rule and it’s origin, thanks for the
    clarification Lex.

  8. I was a soccer ref once and still don’t know what the hell it means to be

    lol jokes I know what it means. It’s when you’re off on the sideline and
    you start doing the chicken dance, duh

  9. I just hate the way the ‘ (FIFA) Women’s World Cup’, and so take to
    annoying my brothers and father by calling the football event thingy the
    ‘Men’s World Cup’, lol, is there anyone else who does similar? :)

  10. i don’t know why pure unadulterated hard-hitting sarcasm makes me so happy,
    it just does.

  11. Also – I was just watching some of your really old videos and its so cool
    to see how your comedy and delivery has evolved. I mean, you were always
    very very funny and likeable but now your writing/comedy style is even
    better. And also it feels like you have a much better sense of self, and
    what you stand for, and how you wont take shit from idiotic people (e.g.
    sexist douchebags). You really seem so confident in your own skin, and its
    so cool and inspirational to see.

  12. this reminds me of the idiotic boy in the chelsea shirt who told me I was
    “too pretty to actually be interested in soccer”.
    because, you know, mildly attractive women apparently aren’t allowed to
    have interests in sports.

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