1. I must say I am very impressed that he actually said all that and with the
    manner he said it – clearly and with a barely noticable accent.

  2. @swanny4692 yeah tough 4-0 loss to AC Milan. But for us United fans it’s
    not that good either. At least you guys are in the Champions league. And
    after years of City being United’s Luigi (and United being Mario), now City
    is making it tough for us to become back to back champions.

  3. What he didn’t say, but what is shown through the different systems he’s
    playing is that a team has to be able to play several systems. That’s like
    a plan B, C, D in a game, to counter the system of the opponent. But a good
    coach never talks about that loud, because you don’t want to reveal the
    essential secrets of your plan.

  4. @bigcris07 Again, as I can’t my herewith commentary just find anymore;
    seems to be and why was this very interesting original NSCAA Convention
    Interview with Klinsmann (longing to 1h) here deleted?

  5. great interview. i love questions that ask for actual details, and answers
    that reveal inner workings rather than just platitudes and generalities.

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