1. The player was not in an “Offsides position” when the through pass was
    kicked. The goal should’ve been allowed.

  2. That was not offside plus 2 opposition players touch the ball(maybe he
    called because of the guy In purple who headed it to him lolololol

  3. That was almost offside. Doesn’t matter if 2 opposition players touch the
    ball; as the pass is played, the player judged offside is influencing play.

  4. Suarez vs. Everton. The ball was played BACKWARDS to him, while he was in
    an onside position. If the goal stood, Liverpool would have won 3-2.

  5. @hhxamse dude get the fuck out of here with your stupid ass ignorance ! How
    the fuck is it racist you dumbass ? It was clearly offsides ! Stop making
    it a bigger deal that it already is fag

  6. he was always onside since the ball bounced of the defender and it actually
    wasn’t a pass from his teammate

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